Contact-Pop for jQuery - Example

Contact-Pop replaces the links to your contact page with a pop-up form.

By default it pulls in any links that point to "/contact.php". Along with other options, this can be changed in contact-pop.js.

Click me to see Contact-Pop in action

However be careful with your paths, because Contact-Pop pulls in the href value, not the actual url, so "/contact.php", "contact.php" and "" are all different.

Check out the original post for more info


The overlay pops up, but the form doesn't load

Make sure you are including this somewhere with PHP enabled, and that you have the correct path to contact-pop.php (this is set in contact-pop.js)

The overlay doesn't show

Make sure you are including the Javascript files correctly: Contact-Pop needs contact-pop.js as well as jquery.js (jquery-1.3.2.min.js works as well)

The overlay doesn't cover the entire page

Make sure that the margin/padding on your body and html tags are set to 0

Contact-Pop is removing the margin / padding from my page

Contact-Pop sets the margin and padding of the body and html elements to 0. If you need margin or padding, try assigning it to a wrapper.