cockroach parallax

Bugs are really gross

Nobody like bugs, especially all over your monitor

Keeping bugs away can be difficult, but using the jQuery Scrolling Parallax plugin is a piece of cake. Scroll down to see it in action on this page.

Here I've called the scrolling parallax on a jQuery object. As you can see the plugin can be used to move an object more quickly than the page scrolls. Additionally, in this example the animation is looped.

Increasing the scroll speed requires setting a static speed. Normally the plugin automatically determines the speed so the parallax ends at the same time as the document finishes scrolling. However with a static speed the scroll moves freely. When it reaches its end, you have several options: loop the animation, stop the scrolling or let it continue.


Download Scrolling Parallax
Read the documentation for detailed info
View the original Scrolling Parallax blog post
Example - Basic scrolling parallax
Example - Multiple parallaxes at different speeds
Example - Parallax in all directions: vertical and horizontal scrolling

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Thanks to Joao Estevao A. de Freitas for the cockroach image